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It’s always daunting trying new things, especially if you have tried something similar before and struggled.

Don’t worry! You are in safe hands. We keep our classes small to keep our teaching personal.

We have had people join our classes who have never done anything more than put flowers in a vase and they have left with a beautiful floral design they were incredibly proud of.

If you have a love for flowers then that is all you need. We can provide the rest.

Including all the tools and materials. You even get a set of instructions sent through after your class so you can recreate your design again and again at home.

So please, don’t worry. We would love to see you at our one of our classes and help you create your own design to be proud of.

Firstly, it’s okay not to be into flowers. There I lots of things I don’t like (rock music, horror movies, rainy Monday mornings…), but I know people who do (well, except the rainy Mondays).

When it comes to buying presents or gifts, I know I can buy them something they will like and enjoy.

That’s why we offer Gift Vouchers. You can choose how much you want to spend and you can give that voucher to the person you care about to let them experience their joy of flowers and floral designs.

The best thing about a voucher is that it gives that person an excuse to do something they might not otherwise have done.

If you’ve been working with flowers for a while, you obviously love the joy they bring.

Why not allow yourself more time to do something you enjoy while learning new designs, skills and tips?

Each month we create a new and unique design. Some classes are themed around the season, while others take a more abstract or contemporary theme. Each class offers you a chance to try a new design, all in the company of likeminded people.

If you have a joy of flowers then you’ll find yourself right at home in one of our classes.

Every class we offer results in you creating your own floral design to take home and enjoy.

Each month involves a new design. Sometimes we revisit skills and techniques we covered in a previous class, while other times you will be shown new techniques and skills we haven’t previously covered.

We provide you with all the materials, flowers and foliage you need. We also provide all the tools you will need, so you really just need to bring yourself and we take care of the rest.

And your experience doesn’t end when the class ends. As well having your design to home with you, we also send you illustrated instructions that give you step by step guidance on how to create that design at home.

We have been running virtual classes, via Zoom, since Summer 2020.

During each class you get the same step-by-step tutorial as the in-person class, with lots of time and space to ask as many questions as you wish.

Even though we are not in the same physical room with you, I can guide you as much or as little as you wish.

The same thought goes into the designs for the virtual classes as goes into the designs for the in-person ones.

One of the biggest benefits we have found with the virtual classes is the ability to see close up what is happening.

If you are local to Cheltenham all of your ingredients will be delivered to you on the day of the class.

If you live further afield, or are going away and still want to do the class, then I will give you a detailed buying list 9 days before the class, including substitutions. The class links are also sent out 24 hours before the class date.

What we have found is that people still enjoy the same friendly and informal experience from our virtual classes as they do from the in-person ones. But, the option to join via Zoom means that you

‘I would highly recommend one of Sally’s classes. Sally is a wonderful teacher that makes you feel completely comfortable in learning a new skill that you haven’t done before. The designs that she creates are just beautiful and the flowers that she buys for the classes are lovely and fresh!
The flowers are absolutely stunning and it was such a lovely gift to share with my Mum. I highly recommend Sally for her attention to detail, her experienced approach and the care she shows to her customers”


Share your love of flowers with us. You don’t need any experience to create our designs, so do what you love, or what you always wanted to do.


With over 20 years’ experience, we know how to create a personal, friendly and relaxed environment, with your customer experience at the heart of our designs.

Stunning designs created by you

Create your own floral design, online or in person, with fully illustrated instructions to guide you over and over again.